About MovinCool


Multiple Solutions

With the MovinCool line of portable spot air-conditioners, you can focus cool air exactly where it’s needed. What your central air-conditioning doesn’t cover, MovinCool will. When your built-in system is down or during off hours, MovinCool spot coolers will keep the environment comfortable at a fraction of the cost. In fact, a temperature drop of 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit can be achieved in only minutes.

Compared to operating a central system, the cost to spot cool drops dramatically averaging less than 25 cents per hour.

If you have a significant investment in electronic, computer and telecommunications equipment, Movin Cool is an inexpensive insurance policy. Whether it’s used as an emergency backup or to offset the heat generated by equipment, it pays for itself the minute it’s turned on.

Using the variety of multi-purpose duct accessories, any combination of spot cooling can be achieved. An economical solution for overheated workers, components or equipment.

In manufacturing, MovinCool’s spot cooling will speed up your process when material is too hot to handle or package. When people are exposed to hot operations such as welding, brazing or ovens, spot cooling will make a difference in productivity and quality that’s easily measured. Using our variety of flexible ducting accessories, customized spot cooling solutions extending over 80 feet are quick and easy.

Multiple Applications

Unlike traditional systems, MovinCool is totally self-contained and can be moved to wherever it’s needed. Simply roll it into position, point the flexible ducts and plug it in. Condensation is handled by reservoirs with automatic shut-offs or optional pump systems for maintenance free operation. The rotary compressors operate quietly even when ambient temperatures exceed 100 degrees.

Totally self contained, move it where you need it. Simply roll it into position, point the flexible ducts and plug it in.

The MovinCool line of portable air-conditioners are built to last decades, and we have the track record to prove it. Thousands of MovinCool units are celebrating their 15th anniversary of service. With special acrylic resin coated coils, thermostatic controls and its rugged, proven design nothing comes close to the verastile MovinCool.