2014 Newsletters
8/20/14: 12-ton and 25-ton portable coolers handle the big jobs
8/6/14: Get award-winning,  water-cooled portable  air conditioning
7/23/14: Atlas portable cooling equipment cools the crowd at high-profile police funeral
7/15/14: PACSlim-5 portable heat pump wins “Money-Saving Product” award
6/25/14: 1-5 ton portable air conditioners… anywhere  you need them.
6/12/14: Prevent server room hot spots this summer with portable cooling
6/02/14: High Rise Facilities Article Offers Tips on Portable Cooling 
5/15/14: Plant Engineering article provides flexible cooling solutions for plants
5/01/14:We help beat the heat with direct responsibility for your portable cooling needs
4/16/14: Don’t get caught in the heat  this summer – Have an emergency cooling plan
4/2/14:  How do you rate your portable cooling supplier?
3/15/14: Get the Atlas mobile app for Portable Cooling
2/10/14: Atlas Expands Portable Cooling & Heating Program for National Accounts Customers 
1/15/14: Atlas Article Covers Basics of Portable Heating
 2013 Newsletters
12/10/13: May your holidays be merry, may your buildings be warm, may your computers be cool.
11/22/13: PACSlim-5 portable heat pump offers versatile heating/cooling options
10/30/13: Don’t let your server room become a hot spot.
10/03/13: Plan emergency supplemental heating in 5 easy steps
9/19/13: Applying the “K.I.S.S” Principle to Data Center Cooling
9/04/13: Plant Engineering article reveals flexible solutions with portable cooling
8/01/13: 1-5 Ton portable air conditioners available this summer where you need them
7/24/13: Let Atlas help you beat the heat with direct responsibility for your portable cooling needs
7/08/13: Follow Atlas on our portable cooling social media sites
6/25/13: High Rise Facilities Article Offers Tips on Portable Cooling
6/10/13: Atlas launches mobile web site for portable cooling
5/20/13: Three-Year Warranty Now Standard on MovinCool Portable Air Conditioners
5/05/13: Atlas opens new portable cooling offices in Miami, Oklahoma City & Austin
2/7/13: Portable electric heaters deliver clean, dry air
1/15/13: Don’t be left out in the cold … get portable heating from Atlas
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